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For the boat storage in Olbia Choose Nautical Service, which offers storage for motor boats up to 15 m.

Operations: from simple garaging to the most complex and precise yacht painting. From mechanical repairs to osmosis treatments, Nautical Service offers the main repair, storage, engine servicing, refitting and restyling of boats.

Boat storageMotor boats, yachts and watercraft are laid up during the winter. Whether the boats are lying idle on the quayside or in dry storage, important parts of the boat need to be restored and checked.

Nautical Service specialises in work on yachts and large motor boats in both wood and fibreglass.

Boat maintenance

Le operations for correct storage relate to the maintenance and servicing of the boat in order to preserve the boat and in particular certain parts of it from rust, moisture attack, galvanic currents and other atmospheric agents. In particular, the inboard and outboard engines, the fuel tank, the electrical systems, and the plumbing systems.

Brands used:

  • Awl Grip,
  • Imron Marine,
  • International,
  • Boer,
  • Palinal,
  • Alexseal,
  • Stoppani,
  • Glasurit,
  • Spies Hecker.

The staff of Nautical Service takes care of your boat in every aspect. Contact us to define the nautical work you need!

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